What Is Link Building?

In Brazil, when it comes to SEO (long tail), just remember to How to do link building on Hub Pages, meta tags, url friendly, URLs with keywords entrenched, keyword research and more than a dozen internal factors,But SEO is not about that and, as important as these factors are external factors, specifically the linking that is made to a blog or site through the techniques of linkbuilding. After all, we do not have to Advertising on Google forever to get real results.

How does the construction of Link Building?

When you type “define: link building” into Google, we get two answers:

The process of structuring the total number of external links to a particular site.

It is the name given to the practice of gathering as much links to your site. It can be natural (ie, links from other sites and webmasters who liked your content) and artificial (achieved by exchanging links or registration in directories and social bookmarkings).


As you can see in the illustration above, The more links your site receives, the more he “rises” positioning in search engines. Obviously there are a number of other factors that are taken into account, but now we are focused on understanding the importance of links.

The process of getting those links is what we call link building and techniques that are used are highly diverse, some are extremely simple, how to make records in directory sites, and that others already have a level of greater knowledge and deeper, but at all levels of difficulty, all have basic features, including the creativity and care in finding good locations for the creation of relevant links or the development of techniques to gain links naturally.


After the above explanation, here’s another definition of link building created by me:

Link building is the way to get relevant links to certain pages, naturally or artificially, so that the same influence and improve the placement and visitation of a site.

In upcoming articles we publish on this site, make an explanation of some of the existing link building techniques that are successful and the Internet, but for now you just know the importance of that item in the SEO process.

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